Roots of Prosperity is a family-based holistic development program that seeks to not only move our people as individuals but to build prosperity for generations to come.

This Pilot is unprecedented because it is holistic. We factor in the whole problem and address the whole person in our approach. Recognizing the abundance of the Bay Area, we leverage existing opportunities and resources and connect them with those who encounter barriers in accessing them and reaping the benefits. We are curating a space for the historically and presently disenfranchised, low-income Black people in Oakland to achieve self-actualization and thus, material and spiritual prosperity. In this process, we do not silo the solutions to these problems. Instead, we are connecting the dots and creating inward reflection and development that will shift one’s capacity to engage with their communities and the systems. Consequently, we are confident that at the intersection of tech, real estate, and holistic development, we will position our participants to obtain and sustain generational prosperity and thrive.

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