Invested in Oakland works to safeguard land and real estate, along with the economic prosperity it yields for Afrikan Black people in Oakland. Bridging people power and the world of real estate, we work to develop and inform real estate activities, while building capacity among the Afrikan Black community to actively shape growth and development in Oakland.


Our goals within the Afrikan Black community are to:

  1. Identify existing and needed resources (i.e. contractors, capital, developers) to safeguard the future of Black Oakland;

  2. Build the capacity and knowledge base to create a sustainable land and real estate development ecosystem and community;

  3. Ensure that the Afrikan Black community and economy is positively stimulated by all real estate development projects in Oakland;

  4. Facilitate a community marketplace where our currency and assets stays in our community.


Furthermore, by providing access to development and investment opportunities to Afrikan Black folks, we promote community investment and sustainability amongst the very people who helped to shape Oakland, while increasing ownership and deepening our roots here.

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