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If we are not whole, it is felt in our dealings with our people. Though a constant work in progress, we work to ensure the holistic needs of each staff member are met, providing support and opportunities for growth and transformation.

See Our Focus for more information on our areas of development.


Focused primarily on Political Health, the OGBP Book Club works to critically engage with books in a communal setting to heighten conscious and inform our practice.

We''ve hosted two book sessions thus far:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

All About Love by bell hooks

Interested in joining OGBP Book Club, Vol 3: Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon? Sign up here by Feb 4th! 

Note: Books available at the oldest independent bookstore in the country Marcus Books in Oakland and Eso Won in Leimert Park.



Touching on several of Our Focus, our OGBP Retreats are held quarterly and are highly intentional and aligned with the specific goals of our participants.


This is an opportunity crafted to shift environment and workflow, build community, allow energy to flow, and reground. Every retreat is a beautiful energetic exchange that is restorative, clarifying, and right on time.

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TWe be Brunchin' for Black Liberation... it's no secret the role food has and continues to play among the Afrikan Black community. Breaking bread, sharing a meal, meeting over communion is a way of life for our people. Building on that vibration, sharing meals are an essential cultural practice that we engage in facilitating community building, recruitment, healing, and more.

We prioritize Black-owned restaurants when out and sometimes prepare meals for one another.

OGBP Retreat - site photo for holistic d


Recognizing and leveraging the that we are all healers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and dedicated Black people, we share in the depth of knowledge and experience within our network to progress our individual, familial, and communal needs and goals.

Including resources:

Massage therapy trades

Herbalist consultations

Goal-setting and vision planning

Business development support

Financial budgeting and planning 

We look out for each other and we heal each other.

Total health, total liberation.

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